Oracle Unleashes Java SE 7 For Mac

Oracle has today announced that they are releasing a bunch of new Java updates for OS X, including Java SE 7 for Mac. According to the press release (via MacRumors), Oracle is announcing the availability of Java Platform, Standard Edition 7 Update 6 which also brings with it JavaFX 2.2 and the first release of JavaFX Scene Builder version 1.0. If you want to install the new Java environment on your Mac, then all you have to do is visit and download the package. Oracle will offer auto-updates for the software at the same time as they are released for Windows platforms.

Apple does not ship Macs with Java pre-installed so it is perhaps particularly significant for consumers who have recently purchased, or are looking to purchase, a new Mac. The update is also particularly welcome given recent demonstrable vulnerabilities in Java, particularly with the Flashback trojan that spread across hundreds of thousands of Macs.


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  • Roy Caratozzolo

    My question is, if you have installed Java for Mac os, should you go ahead and install this version, or wait for the Apple version?

  • Dan Serfaty

    However, going to directly seems to allow downloads for Mac OS.

    • AppleBitch

      Thanks Dan – the page hadn’t been updated

  • Dan Serfaty

    This article seems to be incorrect: following the link to “Free java download” goes to a page that says: “Apple supplies their own version of Java”.