Amazing New .Mail Concept Is A Reality

Following on from the news that the team behind the popular Mac email client Sparrow was moving to Google, and that Sparrow would no longer be on the receiving end of any development, many users have been looking for an new and exciting alternative to the default Mail email client on the Mac. One such concept, called .Mail, or dotMail, may fit the bill exactly. Now, according to an update from the guy who conceived the .Mail concept (via TNW), Tobias Van Schneider is in the process of transforming that concept into a reality.

The .Mail concept initially emerged from a concept by Tobias that was published on his personal website. The concept called for a reinvention in the way that email was handled, and proposed ‘Actionsteps’ or smart prioritizing of email as a way to manage an email workflow. The clever concept challenged the way that email is currently handled and proposed that ‘Mark as Read’ be removed from the options of how to deal with email. Since the concept proved to be popular, Van Schneider decided to put together a team to build an app which did exactly as he proposed, and today has offered an update on its development. It looks fantastic.

According to the new report, the team working on .Mail, or dotMail, has been hard work and has managed so far to build a client from the ground up that can successfully receive and send email. In addition, implementation of the Actionsteps concept is now in progress. The team is now working on performance, notifications and transitions. You can read the report in full here.

There is no word yet on when the app will launch, but the price will likely be less than a burger with fries and a beer, so it sounds exciting and perfectly priced.


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