Rumor: Apple Is Going To Update All iOS Devices This Year

A new report is suggesting that Apple will be releasing an update to every single one of its mobile iOS device line-up this fall to incorporate a brand new smaller dock connector. According to iMore, the company will be revealing updated versions of the iPhone, the iPod touch and iPod nano, the third generation Retina Display iPad and the rumored 7 inch iPad mini. The company will apparently be doing this unveiling at the rumored event that Apple will be holding on September 12.

The rumor is interesting to consider in the context of the third generation iPad, which has only recently been released and, as such, is an unlikely candidate to be updated so quickly. However, other rumors have suggested that Apple would be updating the iPad this fall but with few details given, so this could be the update that they are referring to.

The new dock connector has been touted as the replacement for the universal dock connector that Apple has been using for several years. The company is reportedly moving to the new small dock connector in an effort to save space in the new iOS device line-up. Apparently, Apple will be releasing an adaptor to convert the new dock connector to the existing connector so that third party peripherals will not become obsolete with the launch of the new devices.

According to the report, the source of the news is trustworthy as it is the same source who initially told them about the smaller dock connector and official adaptor earlier this year. Obviously it’s someone with a serious interest in iOS dock connectors.

The only iOS device not to receive the new dock will be the Apple TV, which doesn’t use a dock connector.

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  • Jorge Campos

    There won’t be an iPad Mini. That rumor was started when the iPhone 5 screen size rumors were started, and it was false. There will be a new iPhone, but I suspect that the nano reference was actually talking about the iPhone’s new design… So we’ve heard that there’s a new iPod nano with one home button with a new Dock connector… Yeah, their talking about the iPhone’s new dock connector. The new iPhone has similar traits to an iPod Nano 7th gen, but with the curved edges.