Rumor: Apple Fancies A Pinterest Rival

Apple is reportedly in talks to purchase The Fancy, a social sharing and e-commerce site that bears some similarities to Pinterest, according to a new report from Business Insider. According to the report, Apple is looking to engage with the e-commerce portion of the site and to allow the substantial number of iTunes users, estimated to be in excess of 400 million, to shop on the site, using their iTunes billing information.

The Fancy initially started collecting users in earnest in January 2011 and then subsequently gained several millions dollars worth of investments in August 2011, pushing user adoption further. It works in much the same way as Pinterest and uses bookmarklets set up in browsers so that users can essentially ‘Pin’ or more appropriately ‘Fancy’ something that they see on the web, which is then posted to their own page on The Fancy website.

The primary distinction, however, is that users can purchase items from within the website itself, rather than having to to to external sites. It is perhaps this type of transaction, possibly facilitated through the use of iTunes billing information, that Apple could be interested in, although the talks between the two companies are strictly at the rumors stage.

Fancy has an iOS app if you fancy [sorry] checking it out.

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