Rumor: Twitter To Replace Ping In iTunes

Twitter could be used to fill the unsubstantial void left by Ping, when Apple is expected to discontinue and remove the service from iTunes later this year. According to a new report from the WSJ, Apple is looking to offer more comprehensive integration of Twitter across the OS X software spectrum, and one way of achieving this would be fuller integration with iTunes. The company is apparently in the process of planning how Twitter can be used in the context of an iTunes social network.

Ping was initially launched as part of iTunes in Fall 2010 and was designed as a social networking system with music at its core. Ultimately, however, uptake wasn’t what Apple expected and Piung was criticized for not offering enough social networking functionality. Indeed, the latest reports have suggested that Apple will likely be removing Ping from iTunes altogether when the company releases the next major version of iTunes, probably 10.7. The removal is expected to take place in the Fall of this year.

While previous reports had suggested that Apple was in talks with Twitter and was looking to invest a substantial amount of money in the company, these were later stated to be false and out of date. The most recent report appears to be completely separate from those discussions and are part of novel discussions between both companies.


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