Next Generation iPhone Launch Event Confirmed Beyond All Recognition

Following on from yesterday’s reports that Apple was planning to hold on event on September 12 to launch the next generation iPhone 5, several more reports have appeared which confirm the date to be accurate. While the initial report of the September event came from iMore, several publications have now come forward, including AllThingsD, NYT, Bloomberg, Reuters and The Loop, suggesting that this date is accurate and that the next-generation iPhone that will be unveiled at this event.

At the event, Apple is expected to unveil the next generation iPhone as well as, although this is not as certain, the highly anticipated iPad mini and an updated line of iPods. Other rumors yesterday also suggested that Apple would be releasing two new iPhone covers, and that even a fourth generation iPad could make an appearance but the last item should probably be filed in the ‘brain fart’ section for now.

While the event is all but confirmed, the only real confirmation that anyone is waiting on is the official announcement from Apple that the event will be taking place.  The initial report suggested that while the unveiling will take place on September 12, the retail launch will take place on September 21, which is the date that your wallet should be most looking forward to.

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