Rumor: More Details Of iPhone 5, iPad Mini And iPad 4 Emerge

Following on from the report earlier today that Apple was planning to hold an event on September 12, 2012 to unveil the new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, another report has emerged looking to shed a little more light on the matter. According to iLounge, the launch event is indeed scheduled for mid-September with a launch around the third week of September. At the event, Apple will also release a new iPod touch, which will have a similar screen size and performance bump as the new iPhone.

In addition, the report suggests that Apple is working on two new iPhone cases, one which is a bumper style, and the other is apparently a completely different design that ‘will have a major impact on the accessory market’. It’s not clear what this impact could be but the report suggests a stand incorporated into the case.

Breaking away from the earlier reports of a dual iPhone 5 / iPad mini launch, the iLounge report suggests that the iPad mini will NOT be ready for a September launch, and indeed may merit its own launch event later in the year, perhaps in November. The new device will also be compatible with Apple Smart Covers (specifically designed for the smaller form factor of course). However, a new iPod nano will not be appearing this year.

Interestingly the report also provides some details on a possible iPad 4, with a smaller dock connector and minor tweaks to the design, including a rear side microphone that will improve audio quality and noise cancellation. No details were given by the source on the launch of the iPad 4, but the report suggests a 2013 launch which is unsurprising.

Mark your diaries for the first major iPad 4 rumor.


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  • TylerLeeReed22

    i read that apple might release a full size ipad 4 in september then i heard that it will be in 2013 when it comes iam sure there is a full sized ipad 4 coming

  • TylerLeeReed22

    if there is an ipad 4 i hope apple puts the camera to 8 megapixals that would be perfect and i wonder if it will have a higher retina display  

  • TylerLeeReed22

    i hope there will be a full sized ipad 4 and if there is i hope it will have a 8 megapixal camera with flash

  • Pckid32

    I sincerely hopevthevnew iPhone looks nothing like this. Just another iteration of the ugly iPhone 4 shape. 3GS was so more elegant.