Rumor: Apple Not Really Considering Hooking Up With Twitter

A rumor is suggesting that Apple has been in talks with Twitter with a view to making an investment worth millions of dollars. According to the New York Times (paywall), Apple and Twitter had conversations recently, and that Apple was potentially interested in buying a stake in Twitter. No details were offered on exact numbers or the terms of the discussions but competition from Google and Facebook is cited as possible motivating factors.

As amusing as it is to consider two massive corporations having a wee chat, the WSJ has offered their take on the talks and has suggested that the talks occurred more than a year ago and didn’t come to anything. As of now, there apparently isn’t anything going on, but you can perhaps see the fruits of some of the discussions through the significant integration of Twitter in OS X and iOS.

The thing is, Apple will likely talk about investing in, or purchasing, a significant number of smaller companies very often, particularly given their large cash reserves in excess of $100 billion. It’s part of any successful business strategy. But the key to Apple is that they have tended to purchase or invest in companies and you just don’t see it coming. AuthenTec was a good example. So, it could have just been a conversation – nothing more.


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