Spanking New Facebook App For iOS Arriving Soon

Facebook is apparently hard at work on a brand new application for iOS devices and it plans to release the new app in ‘a couple of months’. That’s according to Bloomberg who are echoing the report from the New York Times last month, that Facebook was rewriting their iOS apps from the ground up to provide a much faster, and better, user experience. While the user interface will apparently remain much the same, the ground up recoding will apparently make the experience a whole lot faster.

The intriguing thing about the new report from Bloomberg is that Facebook has apparently hired several former Apple employees with a view to generating the best iOS application they can, particularly on the iPhone. This will be great new for users who are tired of, say, waiting over a minute for the Facebook app to launch an external webpage.

The first release of the new app is expected to take place within two months with a more dramatic overhaul arriving next year.


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  • SimplyApple

    Well there’s 543 million reasons to be slightly happier.

  • Hellis23

    So update in a few months, then next year… Gee I bet a few months later they update it then a few months later they do it again… See a cycle here? Great news. Maybe apple will update there iOS in a few months then next year another update… Oh damn…