Rumor: Massive Changes To Apple’s Product Line In The Fall

A new report from oft-accurate KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is suggesting that Apple will be launching several new devices this fall, making substantial changes to their product lineup (via MacRumors). The analyst, who has had some success in predicting Apple’s plans in the past, is suggesting that a brand new iPod touch will be launched alongside a new iPod nano. According to the analyst, the iPod touch will receive a substantial design change and will incorporate new in-cell touch display screen technology which could significantly reduce the screen thickness. The technology has also been rumored to hit the iPhone 5 later this year.

The analyst is also suggesting that the iPod nano will be on the receiving end of an update although does not offer any details on what this may include. Recent rumors have suggested that Apple is going back to an elongated design for the iPod nano although these don’t really make too much sense given the success of the current design, particularly with athletes.

In addition to the changes to the iPod line, Kuo suggests that a 13 inch Retina Display MacBook Pro will be launched with the same design as the 15 inch Retina MacBook Pro, although obviously with a smaller screen. The analyst aso suggests that the iMac line will receive an update with a new screen, presumably Retina Display enabled, as well as new Intel processors. Kuo also reiterates previous reports that the new Retina Display iPad will receive internal tweaks although no details are offered.

There is no word, however, on perhaps the most desirable upcoming Apple product, a MacBook Air with Retina Display.

Kuo has been right about unreleased Apple products in the past and, certainly, some of these claims do make sense.  The report offers more questions than answers however, such as the reasoning behind tweaking the internals of the new iPad as well as what sort of changes will be made to the iPod nano.

The analyst suggests that the majority of the changes will be launched in a September / October timeframe so there isn’t long to wait.


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