Apple May Change The Dock Connector In The iPhone 5, but No Reason To Panic

A new rumor is suggesting that Apple is developing, or has developed, an adapter to convert the new ‘mini’ dock connector to the existing universal dock connector. Coming from iMore, the report suggests that when a new mini dock connector appears in the iPhone 5, it will still be compatible with all iOS peripherals such as chargers, display adapters and docking stations.

The new dock connector adapter will apparently debut alongside the iPhone 5 when it launches in the fall, but it’s not clear if it will be included inside the iPhone 5 box or whether it will be available as a separate peripheral. Given the history of how much Apple charges for peripherals, it’s likely that it will be available separately. Additionally, no information is given on how Apple will approach the design of the adapter, just that it is being worked on.

The news will no doubt please both third party peripherals manufacturers as well as users who have invested in several peripherals for their existing iOS devices.


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    Will Apple provide a dock adaptor in the box?