Tweetbot Alpha For OS X Gets An Update

The free alpha test version of Tweetbot for Mac has received an update, moving the application closer to release. The already popular Twitter client for the Mac has received a number of new features and bug fixes with the latest update to version 0.6.1. The developers at Tapbots, responsible for Tweetbot on OS X and iOS devices, have obviously been listening to the community testing the alpha release and have made quite a large amount of amendments to the latest release.

The new update contains new notifications for Twitter activity like retweets, mentions, follow and favorites, as well as tweaks to keyboard shortcuts. The icon sets have been tweaked and changes to font size have been made, in addition to new shortcuts. There are also updates that are specific only to users running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. Users of the alpha version are encouraged to submit bug reports through the application to Tapbots so that the developers can continue to make improvements to the app, prior to its release on the Mac App Store.

You can get the alpha release of Tweetbot for Mac here, or hit the update button if you’ve already downloaded it.

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