New Mac Owners Can Claim Free Mountain Lion Update

Apple is now beginning to launch its Up-To-Date program prior to the launch of Mountain Lion, allowing consumers who recently purchased a Mac to secure a copy of OS X 10.8 free of charge (via MacRumors). The program requires consumers to submit their personal details, along with details about the purchase of the new Mac, and the unique serial number of the new Mac. Users are then sent a redemption code which can be redeemed in the Mac App Store once the public release of Mountain Lion takes place.

The Up To Date program is specifically designed for those users who have recently purchased a Mac that has shipped with OS X 10.7 Lion. Given that users will be charged a $19.99 fee to upgrade to Mountain Lion, Apple very kindly offers those new Mac owners the opportunity to upgrade free of charge. The offer is valid for those people who purchased a Mac between June 11 of this year, and the 30 days from the launch of Mountain Lion.  However, as noted in the report, the Up-To-Date Program site for Mountain Lion is experiencing sporadic up-time and may be taken offline until Mountain Lion launches.

While no specific date has been announced for the Mountain Lion launch, Apple did say that it would be launched before the end of July, so it’s reasonable to assume that it could pop up on the Mac App Store this week. With Apple’s Q3 Earnings Call set to take place tomorrow, it’s possible that it could launch tomorrow to coincide with the call, and the Up-To-Date Program along with it.


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  • Paimei

    I’ve bought my Mac recently, sent the “want my Mountain Lion for free” form yesterday, but Apple still not replying my mail.. #sadbuttrue.