Apple Store Now Offering Order Status Updates By Text Message

The Apple Store went down overnight, prompting speculation about the release of Mountain Lion or a new iPhone 5. Alas, the Store has returned, but without new products. There is, however, one improvement which will help eager consumers keep track of their orders from the online Apple Store, and that is the ability to receive order status updates by text message. The text notification service is in addition to the e-mail notification service giving tracking information, as well as info on when an order ships or is available for pickup from a local Apple Retail Store.

In a typically considerate touch, Apple is only going to be sending the text messages between 8:00am and 9:00pm in your time zone, meaning your sleep won’t be disrupted.

Perhaps the real question is, will the order updates be sent by text message or will Apple send them by iMessage to those with iOS devices already.


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  • SimplyApple

    This is a great addition to the already cool notifications already in place via Apples stores. This is not new technology but implemented beautifully.
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  • gonozw

    Something else changed!!! The prices. Just noticed the MacBook Air 13″ was AU$1258.18 before the store went down now AU$1349.00

    • Ermic

      Google Cache is saying that it was $1349 on 15th July so the overnight downtime didn’t change the prices.  

      • gonozw™

        It did I have it in my basket with the old price.