Me Me Me: Apple Issues E-Mail Addresses

Apple is starting to roll out a new e-mail domain for customers of iCloud which is named, surprisingly enough, As spotted by MacRumors, the company is now handing out e-mail addresses to new users of iCloud, as well as customers setting up novel Apple IDs for the first time. The report also suggests that users that already have e-mail addresses will also be receiving an e-mail address that matches the e-mail address.

Ever since the shutdown of MobileMe and the universal adoption of iCloud, it was expected that at some point, Apple would start to issue e-mail addresses. However, whether they retain the ‘awesome factor’ of the e-mail addresses is another matter. Apple obtained the domain name in 2008, and starting offering e-mail address that year.

From now on, it appears that new e-mail addresses will no longer be issued, instead will become the standard domain. However, those users with either and email addresses will still be able to use those domains.

Me Me Me…

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  • SimplyApple

    Think its important to update email addresses i.e to along with the progress the site makes. It’s also important to legacy these changes, so I a contact sends a message to .me you still get it. Not everyone understands why these changes are important or necessary, just that you still get your mail effortless. Did like my .me address, am I the only one who wanted, just comedy.