New York Times Jumps On iPad Mini Bandwagon

Following from reports by Bloomberg and the WSJ that Apple would be launching an iPad mini with a screen of 7.85 inches, the New York Times has jumped on the bandwagon but is not offering any more detail than has already been suggested. The paper says that Apple is working on an iPad mini with a screen size of 7.85 inches, which correlates with previous reports. In addition, the report says that the new device will like sell for ‘significantly less than the latest $499′ iPad which, in the grand scheme of things doesn’t offer any new info. Finally, the report says that the product is expected to be announced later this year.

This tallies with previous reports of the iPad mini from Bloomberg and WSJ, who both suggested that Apple was working on the device and that it would have a screen of between 7 and 8 inches in size with a resolution of 1024 x 768. The publications expected the new device will be unveiled to the public in October and that it is expected to be in retail stores by the end of the year.

The price of the new iPad mini is perhaps the most contentious item of discussion with reports ranging from $149 to $399. For what it’s worth, $249-$299 seems to be appropriate.

The New York Times paints the picture that the iPad mini will be going toe-to-toe with other manufacturers in the tablet race, releasing a device that will be a ‘good size for women’s purses’.  It’s also likely that, in addition to portability, the key target for the new iPad will be ebook readers, so look for the iPad mini to be a really lightweight device.


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