Rumor: Weird Crusty iPhone 5 Mockup Photos Appear

A new series of photos depicting a mocked up model of the highly anticipated iPhone 5 has appeared online, showing a device that is around half an inch taller than the existing iPhone but the same width. The photos come from KitGuru who are trying to say that it’s the actual device which is obviously not the case unless it’s made out of plastic and dunked in vinegar overnight.

The photos themselves are good quality, however, the model that is shown in them is not. Some people have suggested that the device shown is just a flexible plastic mockup based on estimated measurements and it certainly looks to be the case. It has also been suggested that a mockup has been generated to allow third party case makers to prepare for the iPhone 5 launch. Such mockups are fairly common, given the fact that some funky cases were floating around last year prior to the launch of the iPhone 4S.

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