Rumored New iPod Nano Design Has A Funny Smell About It

A new report is suggesting that Apple is going to be regressing in their design influences for the iPod nano, and going back to the horizontal design of the fifth generation iPod nano (or equally the first generation). The report, or rumor, comes from Macotakara who suggest that the next version of the iPod nano will be much like the fifth generation model except not as tall and will, surprisingly, have a Home button. The new iPod will also have a thinner form factor and will apparently arrive in the Fall of this year.

The inclusion of the Home button wouldn’t be out of the realms of possibility, particularly in the context of the current control system which isn’t that great. Swiping left six times to get to the Home screen is not a wonderful experience. However, moving back to an elongated design that has already been superseded by a different, and more functional form factor, one that offers users the opportunity to wear on the wrist?

The smell of the new design is perhaps nearer that of bullshit.


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