Editorial: Apple Maps With iCloud And Mac Integration

You know when you are sitting at home planning a sizable journey, and you are tapping away on your Mac, likely on Google Maps, sorting out a route? Wouldn’t it be great if that route was just automatically fired on to your iPhone or iPad to use as a navigation device when you are on the road, instead of you have to plot the route out again on another device? Currently there is no inherent integration between the Mac and iOS devices when it comes to navigation (primarily because the Mac doesn’t have any native navigation software). However, this may change soon.

A new discovery today (via Technically Personal) is suggesting that Apple will be bringing the novel Maps app, found in iOS 6, to the Mac. Whether or not this is true is up for debate given the evidence, and particularly since Google Maps already does a pretty good job already, but Apple could be looking to migrate their sparkly new apps system after all the effort that has gone into it. However, what is more desirable, an achievable, is a closer integration of the Mac and iOS devices when it to the Maps app. Since iCloud has now taken a firm hold of data syncing on Apple products, using it to sync routes between the Mac and iOS devices would be a great addition, and would give Apple a sizeable advantage over Google Maps.

The new maps app on iOS 6 offers vector-based, 3D maps as well as turn by turn directions, real time traffic, and integration with Siri. When it’s released, it’s an app that I would certainly use more for navigation than I have done with Google Maps in the past. Integration with OS X and syncing through iCloud would be a great feature.

RoadMap To Awesomeness..

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