Apple Store Now Offering Vintage Flag iPhone Cases

If you are feeling in a patriotic mood today then you’ll be pleased to know that the Online Apple Store is now offering vintage hard shell cases for the iPhone with international flags printed upon them. The cases are produced by Proporta and each one of them features a vintage inspired national flag design made out of a tough, durable material that snaps on to your iPhone. The cases are compatible with both the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

Each case retails for $34.95 (£24.95 in the UK) and are exclusive to the Apple Store. The countries available for order include Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Japan, Russia, South Korea, Canada, USA, Mexico and Brazil. Check them out here.


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  • Scarface68

    yeah these cases are also available and have been for MONTHS and MONTHS on just about EVERY chinese tech site for $4 or less.

    • AppleBitch

      Not these cases. THESE cases are awesome Apple Store sex monkey cases