Apple Rapidly Fixes App Update Issues On iOS App Store

Following on from the news yesterday that some app updates from the iOS App Store were corrupted during the download process, Apple has apparently sorted the problem (via The Loop). According to a statement that came from an Apple representative there was issue regarding the Digital Rights Management included with each corrupted app, the code that controls access to the app. The company now seems to have rapidly identified and fixed the problem so all app updates should go pretty smoothly now.

“We had a temporary issue that began yesterday with a server that generated DRM code for some apps being downloaded, it affected a small number of users…the issue has been rectified and we don’t expect it to occur again. Users who experienced an issue launching an app caused by this server bug can delete the affected app and re-download it”

The problem first manifested itself though a deluge of complaints towards Instapaper, an app that was stable when submitted to the App Store but became corrupted on download. As such, hundreds of negative reviews or comments have been left for a number of apps so, if you are one of the victims of the bug and left a negative review, perhaps head into iTunes and leave a positive one for good karma.


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