Weird iOS App Store Behaviour Results In Some Perfect Apps Crashing

A rather weird and apparently temporal, bug has occurred in some iOS apps which have been recently updated, causing them to crash for some users. The issue which was first described by Marco Arment, the developer behind Instapaper, who noticed that when he submitted a stable version of the app to the App Store, between the time of submission to the App Store review process and the point at which the app was installed and launched on users’ iOS devices, the app was corrupted and would not launch.

As such, Arment received a deluge of complaints from users who couldn’t use the app any more, despite the fact that he had submitted a stable version to the App Store. He suggests that it related to corrupted App Store binaries. A small number of other apps apparently also experienced the issue, such as Goodreader and Angry Birds Space. Apple has not yet acknowledged the issue, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting all newly updated apps, just a select few.

In a support post by Goodreader, the company is suggesting that Apple changed something in their app distribution engine and that this was the cause of the trouble. They also provide a workaround for those experiencing the issue.  In addition, TheNextWeb is compiling a list of apps that are affected by the issue.


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