Editorial; Google Chrome For iOS Users Are Being Screwed

Ever since Google Chrome was released on iOS devices, I’ve been playing with it, with the hope of making it the default browser on my 4S and new iPad, principally because it’s the default browser on both my Macs and does the job well. The release for iOS devices was welcome addition to the browsers that are available on the iOS App Store.

There is one problem, however, and it isn’t down to Google. The fact that Chrome on iOS devices isn’t quite as fast as Safari, and will never be, isn’t actually that much of a problem because it isn’t noticeable on a daily basis. Essentially, the key issue comes down to the fact that there is no way to make Chrome the default browser on an iOS device, simply because Apple does not allow that to happen. You can over-interpret their reasons why, moving from exotic selections such as Apple maintaining full control over the user experience on the web, to overlooking the fact that users might want to utilize another browser and ‘forgetting’ to put this type of toggle into the iOS software.

If we assume the latter reason, then we can at least hope that Apple will include such a toggle in the next version of iOS at some point. If it is the former, then it’s extraordinarily disappointing and also falls to being something that Apple should address. Opening e-mail links in Safari is quite simply an annoyance when trying to use another browser, and handcuffing an app like Chrome certainly isn’t something that should be done.

Apple didn’t do it with weather apps, they didn’t do it with movie or music apps, they don’t do it on the Mac, so it shouldn’t be done with the iOS web browser. Unfortunately, the same restriction is in place with e-mail i.e. you are not able to change your default iOS e-mail app.

Time for a change Apple.

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