Rumor: The Retina Display iMac Will Arrive In October

A new report is suggesting that Apple component manufacturers are preparing for a big ramp up in the production of brand new Retina Display enabled iMac models, and that these new models will be released in October. According to Digitimes, the production of the new iMac models will start this month and that the iMac will be the next Mac to receive Retina Display. The report also notes that Apple is planning to expand Retina Display to the entire Mac line up, meaning that the MacBook Air will be next in line to receive the upgrade.

The report notes that Retina Display components are a lot more expensive to produce than standard Full HD display components, but that Apple is attempting to get a big lead in the high resolution display market as few PC makers have plans to match the same resolution.

The new iMacs will also likely adopt the new Intel Ivy Bridge processors, but a recent article by Instapaper Dev Marco Arment claimed that sources had suggested that the iMac would indeed receive an update this year, but it would not include Retina Display, simply a performance bump.

It’s therefore a question of whose sources are better in this instance.


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