Apple Warns Users Of Impending Shutdown

Hot on the heels of the MobileMe shutdown, the website will be suffering the same fate at the end of July. As such, with only one month until that takes place, Apple has begun sending reminder e-mails to registered users of the beta site, reminding them that all documents that are stored on will soon be removed and, as such, should be downloaded to a computer.

“Dear user,
Remember, as of 31 July 2012, you will no longer be able to access your documents on the site or view them on the web. We recommend that you sign in to before 31 July 2012 and download all your documents to your computer….Moving forward, you can use iCloud to store your documents and make them available across your computer and your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch”

The shutdown of both MobileMe and reflects the new iCloud service which can be used for the storage, sharing and syncing of data across multiple Apple devices. has never had the best reputation and, certainly, has never caught on as a major document sharing service.

Move On…

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