Is Apple Going To Launch An iTunes Web Application Through

Apple has published a rather interesting job posting on its recruitment website, suggesting that they could be looking to launch a web application for iTunes, perhaps allowing users to access and stream their iTunes libraries through a web interface, such as a new tab in The posting is for an iTunes software engineer, with specialization and experience in Java and, notably, in ‘architecting web applications that scale to millions of requests per second’.

One possible opportunity for this person, therefore, could be to work on an iTunes web interface that would allow users to stream iTunes content directly from iCloud but without having to go through the iTunes software itself. Such an application would likely serve millions of users every minute. iTunes Match, for $24.99 per year, matches all tracks that are stored in a users’ iTunes catalog and gives them the opportunity to access them on any device. Is it possible that Apple is looking into a web-based iTunes interface for this, perhaps with streaming access via the iCloud portal at

Third-party app developers have already written web apps for iTunes. However, the advantages of a web-based iTunes interface, accessed through the iCloud homepage are evident, and would certainly drive more usage. I barely use the interface, perhaps once a month, but with an iTunes tab on there, I could see it being used a lot more.

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  • James Steinman

    Isn’t it more likely that they are looking for people to make the iTunes store a better experience?