A Great Fix For A Broken iPhone Power/Lock Button

A family member recently discovered that the Power / Lock button on the top of his iPhone was damaged and would no longer register a contact when pressed in. As a result, he was unable to lock his iPhone or even turn the power on and off, so he made an appointment with a Genius at an Apple Store, only to be told that a replacement would run to $149. This would, perhaps, not be the best investment, particularly given that it was an iPhone 4 and was due for an upgrade in two months, so he decided to hold off.

However, the Genius did give one potential fix to this problem, which was free and would tide him over for a couple of months until the purchase of a (rumored!) iPhone 5. The fix was really simple and involved invoking a new ‘Gesture’ which made a small virtual button appear on the iPhone screen. To access it, head into Settings > General > Accessibility > Assistive Touch and toggle it to ‘On’. Hit Create New Gesture and a small white button will appear permanently on your screen, until you turn it off of course.

The button gives you a virtual Home button, and if you select Device, then you can Lock the Screen, control volume, shake the device, rotate the screen etc. You can also position it in several areas around the screen i.e. move it to an innocuous location on the screen. The catch is, if your lock button is completely broken then you can’t allow your device to power off. However, the virtual button will allow locking which is pretty much what you want.

Give it a try now if your button is broken, or if you fancy something different.


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  • Dotails

    I think that if you plug your iphone into the wall it should boot up if you accidentally turned it off.

  • Louis245

    Now if you decided to repair your cracked iPhone, two alternatives are there- you can fix it by yourself or by your friend. Another alternative is to hire iPhone repairing service. If you want to fix it by yourself or with help of your friend, there is a fair chance of ending it up with mess unless you are well aware of iPhone parts and how to fix it.

  • Beth

    THANK YOU!!!

  • drac

    how do you power on your phone from off condition?

    • jamo

      Just connect to your pc it turns your device on..

  • Ree

    OMG Thankyou so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its helped me after a good 4 or so motnhs trying to press the button down so hard my fingers hurts lol sometimes I’ll even be scared to slide open my phone just incase zi couldnt power this off. But THANKYOU!!! Huge help! Legend!

  • Shortiecakes

    Omg thanx so much this really helped a lot I’m to excited at work rite now

  • lely

    what if you dont have “accessability” in your general settings.?

  • tom

    does apple not have a “time out” setting?
    my phone turns the screen off at 15sec 30sec 1m 5m
    i would expect apple to do the same thing?

  • Jo

    Thank you so much for this!! My lock button has been broken and has been draining my battery. This completely works!!

  • Paul

    Thank you very much

  • Mistylani

    Helped so much!!! Thank you (:

  • colin


  • ibroke

    where’s the best place to get one of those iphone repair kits?

    Apple would not help me either with this issue, unless I wanted to pay $199
    to fix a simple button that barely lasts longer than a year, yeah I won’t be
    fooled again. I’m on my second iphone with this button problem. I guess I’ll
    try to fix it myself long enough until I can trade up to the Samsung Galaxy.

    Email Tim Cook at tcook@apple.com they
    apparantly need to hear from more of us. This is ridiculous that they will not
    help with an obvious hardware problem. Here’s some phone numbers to try too,
    they need to hear our feedback: 408-783-1897 408-996-1010

  • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.b.duffy.1 Jennifer Burns Duffy

    Thank you. Works like a charm and you saved me $$$

  • http://www.facebook.com/ashley.parks.39 Ashley Parks

    This definitely helped out a bunch.

  • Annie

    this is great, thanks!! really helped!

  • http://twitter.com/pasourw10 Wess B. Pasour

    You can hold down the virtual button to get the red slider to turn off the device. Once it’s off, plugging it into a power supply will turn it back on.

    • Archi

      Thanks Wess , good answer and very practical !

  • viddy

    In my city, plenty of repair shops have appeared who can repair all things portable Apple. My volume (+ to -) was jammed when I dropped my iPad. They fixed it by opening it up and “massaging” the soft aluminum base around the switch, and voila! $75 later, it was perfect, again.

  • Baldrel

    If you hold down the virtual lock it will enable you to turn it off and holding down the home button will start the device up again (well that is the case with my sisters iPod touch 4g)

    • http://www.applebitch.com AppleBitch

      Yeah – doesn’t turn the iPhone on, but if you complete deplete the battery and then plug it into the charger it comes on again after a while.

      • Donna

        Just wondering, do you know how long it’ll take before it completely depletes the battery?? because, i have a broken/stuck lock button, used assistive touch , but when i tried restarting it, i can’t…. i have a iphone 4