Rumor: Apple Undertaking Massive Revamp Of iTunes

A new report today is suggesting that Apple is in the middle of completely overhauling iTunes with massive changes in store for the way that the software will be used to manage content. According to Bloomberg, the revamp will be the biggest change to the software since 2003 and will focus specifically on iCloud integration, allowing users to manage music, video and apps across all their devices. The new software will also have novel sharing functionality.

One of the biggest changes is said to be the discovery of new content, with a new focus on sharing. An example of this would be if one person purchased a song, and then sent that song to someone else to listen to in it’s entirety, presumably only once. In addition, Facebook and Twitter will also play major roles in the new software.

The new iTunes is expected to launch by the end of the year, although it’s unclear if Apple will be making any changes to the name or structure of the software, since music is now not the only content for which iTunes is used to download and manage. Many people have called for individual applications to manage their content, something that Apple seems to be listening to, particularly in light of the launch of the Podcasts app earlier this week, containing functionality that used to belong to iTunes.

One area that Apple isn’t apparently looking at is monthly subscription streaming, such as that offered by Spotify. The report suggests this type of service will not be coming to iTunes.


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