Rumor: Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Set For July 22nd Release

The next iteration of the Mac operating system, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion could be headed for a launch in the last week of July, specifically July 22nd, if Apple employee vacation blackouts are to be believed. According to MacRumors, Apple has put in place a vacation blackout for retail employees from July 22nd to July 29th, to support an unspecified event. There is no word on what the event is, but the vacation blackout suggests that a new product will be unveiled in Apple Stores.

The reason that Mountain Lion is being touted as the ‘event’ that merits the blackout is because Apple indicated at the WWDC keynote held two weeks ago that Mountain Lion would begin shipping to the public in July. Given that the vacation blackout is set for late July, this would make sense for a Mountain Lion launch, particularly since Apple retail staff will no doubt receive several requests for support from customers installing the new OS on their Mac.

Apple has recently seeded near final versions of Mountain Lion to developers so it is apparent that the software is almost ready for release.  The next generation operating system will be made available on the Mac App Store and will retail for $19.99.


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