With New Podcasting App In iOS 6, Is iTunes Undergoing A Transformation?

Apple is apparently working on a brand new standalone app which will make it’s debut when iOS 6 is released in the fall. According to AllThingsD, the app is going be a specialized podcasting app which will allow users to ‘discover, download and play them on mobile devices’. The app will provide a mobile replacement for the podcasting functionality, which Apple removed in the latest version of iTunes.

Interestingly, the move could point towards a certain amount of reduced functionality in iTunes, as the launch of a podcasting app would follow on from the release of an stand alone app, iBooks, for eBooks despite the fact that they can be purchased from iTunes. The same is also true with iTunes U. Certainly, iTunes seems to have become the repository for all media content that Apple offers, and is perhaps struggling a little under the load.

Many people have called for Apple to re-evaluate iTunes functionality, with a view to generating more stand alone apps for different types of media content purchase and management. The release of a novel podcast app in iOS 6 could certainly be a move in this direction.

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