Apple Decides That The New Mac Pro Is Not ‘New’ After All

Following on from the launch of an updated version of the Mac Pro on the Apple Store yesterday, Apple has decided that the newly released model is not so new after all (via MacRumors). While the Mac Pro on the Store was initially labelled as ‘New’, alongside the new MacBook Air and new MacBook Pro, Apple has removed the ‘New’ tag that accompanied the updated model.

Certainly the general feeling is that the new Mac Pro is not really worthy to be noted as new, particularly since the only upgrade that it received was the inclusion of a moderately upgraded processor. With the lack of USB 3, Thunderbolt and BlueTooth 4.0 connectivity options, together with a graphics card that is almost three years old, the processor upgrade has seemed like a massive disappointment to those awaiting a new model.

However, with one Apple executive apparently reassuring David Pogue, tech writer for the New York Times, that a major Mac Pro update was scheduled for next year, it looks like Apple aren’t going to shift too many units of the Mac Pro until 2013.


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