Rumor: Apple To Release Motion Sensing Television

A new report is suggesting that Apple is preparing to release a television set that has motion detection functionality built in. That’s the suggestion according to Capital Markets analysts Brian White who apparently has first hand knowledge of the television from trips to Taiwan (via MacRumors). According to White, Apple will be releasing a television set that utilizes novel ways to enable user interaction, rather than just the traditional remote control, and one of these methods is by motion detection.

However, the analyst also notes that the television will also ship with a traditional remote control, but rather than being a push button device like the small aluminum remote that ships with the current generation Apple TV, it will be a touchscreen device like a mini iPad. The remote is also expected to be constructed of plastic, rather than utilizing an aluminum unibody. The analyst also suggests that the iPad mini is still a reality and that it will be released alongside the next generation iPhone 5 in September this year.

With the Apple WWDC keynote kicking off in a matter of hours at which the company has been rumored to be introducing a new Apple TV Software Development Kit (SDK) for app developers, there’s a lot of rumorific ideas floating around at the moment. Certainly, the idea of a novel touchscreen remote is great, and hopefully users won’t have to continually unlock to activate the remote. Certainly, the Kinect like functionality could circumvent this.

Here’s an idea however. The rumors of an iPad mini have been circulating for a long time now, despite Steve Jobs suggesting that the company would never release one. Has the new Apple television touchscreen device been mistaken for an iPad mini?

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  • Bob

    Instead of Apple coming to market with a new TV,lets start with being able to receive HBO go on Apple tv.