Rumor: Awesome New iPhone 5 Design Demoed In Video

A new video has popped up on YouTube (spotted by Cydiablog) which appears to show the next, as yet unreleased, iPhone back panel. Consistent with the photos of the as yet unreleased iPhone which popped up last week, the poster of the video appears to have access to a rear panel of a new iPhone that is larger in height and has a new aluminum design. The video also seems to show that the new iPhone could be thinner than the existing iPhone 4 and 4S, but this is unconfirmed as the video only shows the rear panel of the device.

One of the major changes that the video illustrates very well is that the new iPhone will likely be around half an inch taller than the existing iPhone and iPhone 4S. It also shows that the new iPhone could have a volume port on the bottom of the device rather than the top, and that Apple is going to implement a new smaller dock port. The SIM card port is also slightly smaller. While the coloring of the new device is not terribly clear in the video, it seems to show that the new iPhone could have almost gunmetal grey coloring.

The source of the part is unclear although the design is consistent with photos of the purported iPhone 5 that showed up last week.


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  • Bat

    dunno. the upper noise canceling mic (which was next to the headphones jack on 4/4S) is missing. why’d apple drop the noise canceling 2nd mic from iphone5?