Why We Need ‘Like’ Buttons For The App Store

Despite the fact that there is an overwhelming selection of apps available on the iOS and Mac App Stores, one of the chief complaints that many people have is that it’s getting increasingly more difficult to find good quality, but less popular, apps. While there are some alternatives to this such as scoping out the Editors picks on the App Store, looking at the top seller lists, or even going to websites to look at what others are using,

Recent reports have suggested that Facebook will be getting similar treatment in iOS 6, that Twitter received in iOS 5 i.e. full system-wide integration in Apple mobile devices. Perhaps one of the most useful aspects of this integration would be the ability to ‘Like’ apps on your device. This would enable other people in your social network to see the apps that you actually like instead of the ones that people are simply buying, which would be a fundamental change in how apps are recommended to users.

Using Facebook to drive app sales would not necessarily drive more app sales, but make purchasing an app based on a recommendation from one of your friends an entirely more personable process rather than purchasing at a faceless ‘Editors Pick’. Rating an app is all very well and good, but knowing how friends rated an app would be very cool, and very engaging.

Any way which makes discovering good apps easier, is a good move.


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  • Undefined_AJ

    We need a “sort by rating” button.

  • http://www.applebitch.com AppleBitch

    I don’t think it’s an issue of complexity…I think it’s more to do with seeing what apps your friends use

  • Karel605

    The Rating System works for me. A thumbs up is unreliable.

  • Les

    is the 5 star rating system really too complex?