Rumor: New Apple Television Software Will Be Previewed At WWDC In June

A new report is suggesting that the Apple television set is real, and that Apple will, in fact, unveil the user interface for the device at the World Wide Developers Conference in June. According to BGR, Apple will unveil the next iteration of the software for the Apple TV, and it will be the same software that will be used on the much rumored and highly anticipated Apple television set that the company is expected to release sometime between now and infinity.

The software that the company is apparently going to unveil is going to be much more feature packed than the software currently running on the Apple TV. Apple is apparently looking to get manufacturers to sign up to use a new ‘Control Out’ API that they have developed, to increase compatibility and interactivity with the Apple TV. If the rumors are to be believed then they are suggesting that users would be able to control any connected device from the single Apple TV connected remote.

Putting aside the fact that this is a dubiously sourced rumor, its unclear what purpose would be served by unveiling the software for a new product without actually unveiling the product as well. It would surely make more sense to unveil this software at the same time as the new television set, if that is indeed the planned new device.

However, one thing that Apple is expected to debut at WWDC is the next version of their mobile operating system, iOS 6. The iOS software is the same software that powers the current generation of Apple TV, with a modified front end. If Apple does give a preview of iOS 6, then it stands to reason that it’s the same software that will end up in the Apple TV and, subsequently, the Apple television.

So maybe not so far fetched.


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