Rumor: More iPhone 5 Image Leaks As Schematic For Front Panel Appears

In another interesting developing regarding the next generation iPhone 5, what appears to be a leaked schematic diagram for the next gen device has shown up. The schematic was obtained by MacRumors, and shows a device that has increased display dimensions vertically. The schematic shows that it was apparently produced by ‘Apple Inc’ and indicates that the new iPhone will have a display that measures four inches diagonally.

Aside from the screen measurements, the schematic does not offer much other information relating to the dimensions of other areas of the device, or the rear panel of the new iPhone. However, it does seem to indicate that the next generation iPhone will be the same physical size as the iPhone 4 and 4S, but with increased screen real estate. The Home button in the schematic also looks identical, but positioned a little lower.

The appearance of the schematic diagram follows on from a report yesterday that showed pictures apparently representing the front and rear panels of the iPhone 5. The new device in those pictures also had a much larger screen measuring 4 inches diagonally and is consistent in appearance with the device that is pictured on this new schematic.

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