Rumor: More Purported iPhone 5 And Next Gen iPod Touch Parts Appear

Hot on the heels of claims that the next generation iPhone 5 would sport a 3.95 inch screen, MacRumors has managed to uncover some screens from a parts supplier which are apparently destined for the next generation iPod touch. While the iPod touch has traditionally had a screen that is exactly the same size and shape as the iPhone, these new screens apparently measure 4.1 inches diagonally. The same supplier also apparently has some images of the camera that is destined to hit the iPhone 5.

The inconsistency between the screen sizes for the iPhone 5 and iPod touch is going to generate a fair amount of discussion but there’s a few things to consider. For starters, the 3.95 inch figure from today’s iPhone 5 rumor could be slightly off and the screen may actually be 4.1 inches diagonally. Or alternatively, it could simply be a prototype device that will never see the light of day. Third, the screen pictured above looks pretty similar to technical drawings of the purported iPhone 5 that apparently leaked on the web last year (minus the ear speaker), so it could just be someone with wishful thinking and the time to create a mockup.

Apple is known for not ‘fragmenting’ their device line-up so that developers have to create different versions of apps for different devices. It is highly unlikely that Apple would create an iPod touch with a 4.1 inch screen and an iPhone with a 3.95 inch screen, so the inconsistency suggests that a source for either one of these leaks is a bit iffy. Expect the iPhone 5 screen to be exactly the same size and resolution as the next generation iPod touch screen.


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  • Jacobk5

    I think it’s currently both 3.95″ and 4.1″.. Most of the leaks did mention that Apple is currently testing two prototypes, so it could be testing those two screen sizes. Either way I’m happy that’s it’s likely going to be a 16:9 ratio, that’s all I’m hoping for.

  • iPhone 5

    Well, that’s indeed a great piece of news for iPhone fans. At least, one thing is for sure now that it will have a bigger display and small dock connector. This also indicates though that the next generation iPhone might see a complete makeover.