An iPad Retail Display; The Coolest Bar Ever?

A new listing has appeared on eBay featuring a genuine Apple Retail Store Display for the iPad 2 which can be bought for a mere $400. The display is approximately five feet tall and 4 feet wide, featuring a face on display panel for the iPad 2 as well as a plexiglass product cover. The display also features sliding glass doors and, perhaps even cooler, a laser cut black metal Apple iPad logo on the top.

The seller has three of the displays available, but only one is for sale as he/she is keeping two of them. The advertisement notes that they could be used as an awesome bar or even a desk with some modification. Hell, you could even use it to display your iPad 2 if that’s what turns you on. As noted in the advertisement, these items are pretty rare so it’s cool to find one available.

With an offer price of $400 and shipping of only $50 with the US, can you think of a better bar for that price?


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