Rumor: iPhone With 4 Inch Screen Begins Production Next Month

A new report by the WSJ is suggesting that Apple has placed orders with manufacturers for components for the next generation iPhone aiming to start assembly of the device next month. The report goes on further to suggest that the new iPhone will have a screen that measures at least 4 inches from corner to corner, compared with the current 3.5 inch screen size. The increased screen real estate is being seen as a response to other manufacturers like Samsung who have had tremendous success with devices that have larger screen sizes.

The source of the information is apparently people who are familiar with the situation, presumably from the Asian suppliers who will be providing the larger screens. There’s also no word on whether the screen width will increase proportionately with the increased height or whether there will simply be extra space added on to the top and bottom of the screen.

Many people have speculated that any increase to the height of the screen would be to accommodate a new screen based Home button display, but our recent discovery of a new physical Home button, apparently destined for the iPhone 5, seems to preclude that.  Other have suggested that Apple will simply be removing the ‘dead space’ around the screen and integrating a more edge to edge screen that will retain the same pixel density and resolution but in a slightly bigger screen.

The key question is perhaps whether or not Apple will just be releasing a single device with one screen size or whether the 4 inch screen is offered in addition to the current 3.5 inch size.

Update: Reuters have also published about an iPhone with a 4 inch screen.

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