Rumor: Another iPhone 5 Part Surfaces

Another purported part has emerged which is apparently destined to be included in the iPhone 5. As spotted by Cydia Blog, known iPhone replacement component supplier SW-Box has uncovered an earphone jack, speaker and Wi-Fi cable that is suggested to be in the iPhone 5. The design of the component assembly is said to be completely different from those found in the iPhone 4 and 4S, suggesting that, if genuine, the iPhone 5 will entail a completely new internal component structure, rather than simply being a minor update.

In a word of caution however, Cydia Blog notes that these bits of hardware could simply be prototype iPhone 5 parts which will never make it to retail production and have simply been used to test component construction. However, the new leak does join on a previous report where we discovered what appeared to be Home buttons for the iPhone 5 on a Chinese supplier site.

Many people are pretty eager to find out what exactly Apple is planning for the iPhone 5 design but, as with many component leaks, these don’t really give you all that much information other than noting that the new components have a tweaked design.

At least, if this part is genuine, we know that the new iPhone will have a headphone jack which is some seriously awesome jacked-up news.


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