Rumor: Next Gen iPhone 5 Has A Metal Back Panel, And Yet A Glass Back Panel

A new report has appeared from iLounge editor Jeremy Horwitz, which is claiming that the next generation iPhone will have a larger display, and a combination of a metal and glass rear panel. The report also suggests that the new device will be around 20% thinner and will employ a new small dock connector. The reduced size of the dock connector is to allow the device to be thinner but slightly taller to enable the incorporation of a 4 inch display.

Horwitz, while predicting with some accuracy the form factor of the iPad 3 prior to launch, is making a bit of a confusing case for how the next-gen iPhone is going to look. While his most recent report suggests that Apple will be employing a metal rear panel, a similar report was also presented a few weeks ago which characterized the next iPhone as having a Gorilla Glass rear panel. Perhaps the rear panel is metal with a see through glass panel? Or perhaps half and half, like a MacBook Pro or iMac.

The report brings together several rumors that have swirled around in the past, namely the fact that the new iPhone would have a slightly larger 4 inch display and revised form factor. However, given the context of prior reports, it’s uncertain how reliable this one is, particularly given that a claimed revision of the iPad Smart Cover has never materialized.

Perhaps a little more clarity on the design will appear next month.

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