Apple Gives Mac Developers A Mountain Lion Update To Play With

Apple has seeded a major update to the current developer seed of the next version of the Mac operating system OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. The update, weighing in at around 1.5 GB, is distributed through the Mac App Store to registered members of the Mac Developer Program and applies only to the Developer Preview 3 of Mountain Lion. The company also released a new build of XCode 4.4 Developer Preview 4 through the Mac Developer Centre to allow devs to test apps for the update.

As before, there are no release notes accompanying the new update so it’s not known what changes Apple are making with such a major download.

The update brings Mountain Lion closer to release as Apple have announced that the public release or Gold Master version will be available to all Mac users in late summer. The latest update is notable in that it is not an entirely new Developer Preview build, but rather an update to the current Preview 3. The company is still hard at work on an update to OS X Lion, however, as a new version of 10.7.4, the next update to OS X Lion has also been seeded to developers.


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