Apple Puts WWDC 2012 Tickets On Sale… And They’re Gone

Apple today announced that their annual WorldWide Developer Conference (WWDC) for 2012 will be in San Francisco from June 11 until June 15. The company also unveiled the tickets for the event and, perhaps to nobody’s great surprise, the tickets sold out within two hours. The conference itself takes place in a little over a month and a half at the Moscone Center and the tickets were available for $1599. In 2011 the tickets for WWDC were sold out in less than 12 hours after they went on sale.

The WWDC conference this year is expected to see some interesting developments for both developers of iOS apps and those who develop Mac OS X applications. With the next iteration of the Mac OS, 10.8 Mountain Lion already in its third developer seed, the company is expected to outline the release dates for Mountain Lion at WWDC. In addition, it is likely that they will be showcasing some key new features from the next iteration of iOS which will either be iOS 5.2 or, at a push, iOS 6.

The release of the tickets for WWDC actually followed a very interesting timeline as there was no warning to developers that Apple was going to release them early today. It has been pointed out that some West Coast developers, who perhaps aren’t early risers, were completely precluded from obtaining WWDC tickets due to the fact that the tickets were issued, and then sold out, before many people on the West Coast had even started to brew their morning cup of coffee.

The price of popularity.


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