Spankingly Good App: Pocket (Formerly Read It Later) For iOS

I’ve been spending the past few days playing with the new Pocket app, the replacement for the Read It Later app which has proven to be so popular among iOS users. The new app, as with others, enable you to surf the web and ‘pocket’ articles, video and webpages for reading later. It has essentially the same functionality as the Pro (paid) version of its predecessor Read It Later and many of the best features from this app have been incorporated into the free Pocket app.

Rather than describe every single feature in excruciating detail, I’m gonna go right for the jugular (particularly since the app is free). The Pocket app is essentially in competition with Readability and Instapaper and the most obvious question you are probably asking yourself if you are a user of either of these services is ‘should I switch?’ . Well, to be honest, there’s no easy answer, it is truly a matter of preference. But here’s something that might help make your decision. Pocket is free, it’s beautiful, and it’s works brilliantly. I’ve moved Instapaper from the home screen on my iPad and iPhone to the second scroll screen on both devices and replaced it with Pocket, for the foreseeable future at least.

If you haven’t experienced any of these apps yet then why not treat yourself to Pocket on the iOS App Store. It’s free. Seriously. Additionally, combine it with the easy to install Pocket plugins for browsers like Chrome and Firefox, mixed with built in functionality in iPad apps like Flipboard, and you have the ideal cocktail for a spankingly good experience.

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