Prototype Apple eMate Laptop Hits eBay

A prototype of the Apple eMate 300 personal digital assistant has popped up on eBay with a list price of approximately $8,500. The listing shows a clear case eMate 300 device running the Newton operating system and is apparently in good working order (even including the original eMate stylus). Notably, the device is marked prototype and is essentially identifiable by the fact that it has a clear case, whereas the eMate models that actually made it to public release sported a dark green casing.

The eMate was original introduced in 1997 and was offered for sale at $800. However, it was discontinued less than a year later alongside the rest of the Apple Newton product line in early 1998. As shown in the listing description, it has a 480 x 320 pixel resolution and grayscale display as well as a full size keyboard and stylus. The design is reminiscent, or perhaps predictive, of the later iBook design.

For those who are interested, and perhaps want to compare it with the specifications of current day MacBook Air models, or even the new iPad, take a look at the specs of the device on AppleMuseum. The 25MHz RISC processor and 3MB RAM / 2MB flash memory might have a bit of trouble keeping up with the some of the latest Apple devices.


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  • lantzn

    Wasnt this the “Batman” laptop? I faintly remember something to do with the two being promoted together.

    It would be cool to take the components of a new gen3 iPad and put them in this case.

  • robroberts2009

    Wow, its gorgeous. I remember wanting an eMate SO badly, but I could never quite justify the price … Plus I already had the Newton 300 (I think it was called).

    I still love this “mini laptop” form factor … Apple should sell one running iOS and specifically for word processing.

  • dorkus_maximus

    Looks like a lot of wasted plastic and some awkward relationships between the molded plastic casing and the rectangular drop-in screen and keyboard. Was this a Jony Ive design?