Apple Looking To Revamp Earphones In Unibody Aluminum?

Apple could be looking to overhaul the earphones that are supplied with devices like the iPhone and iPod, perhaps using design influences from some of their latest OS X and iOS devices. In a patent application, uncovered by AppleInsider, the company has apparently been looking into a unibody design for their earphones to increase the aesthetic appeal.

The seamless construction of the new earphones could be accomplished by a technique called ultrasonic bonding which could potentially bond together a number of different aluminum components making them appear seamless and as a single component. If this were applied to earphones then it would allow Apple to construct the earphones with the complicated audio components required for sound production inside an apparently seamless shell.

The white earphones supplied with devices like the iPod and iPhone have been in use since the launch of the first iPod and have undergone a number of revisions throughout the years. There are also excellent premium in-ear Apple earphones (read our review) available for purchase. The new ultrasonic bonding technique, described above, could be utilized to create seamless earphones either for those that ship with mobile Apple devices, or for the premium earphones. It just remains to be seen whether the results of this patent ever make it to market.

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