New Apple Store Link Highlights Statutory Seller Warranty In EU

The Apple Store went down overnight and, disappointingly for some, came back with no big changes or new products. However, one change was that notable for many European Online Apple Stores, such as the UK Apple Store, was the addition of a small link at the bottom of the page which, in English speaking countries, is labelled ‘Statutory Seller Warranty’. The link takes customers to a page which details statutory warranty rights for consumers who buy Apple products in the European Union.

The statutory warranty in the EU, laid down by consumer law, gives consumers protection in addition to the coverage offered by Apple’s product warranties. One notable difference between the what Apple offers and what is stated in EU law relates to the time period that consumers have when they wish to make a claim against a product warranty. As detailed by the document on the Apple site, there is a 2 year warranty claim period under EU Consumer Law whereas Apple only offers a 1 year warranty from date of purchase for customers outwith the EU.

However, it is worth noting that this is only for defects present when the customer takes delivery as opposed to the Apple warranty which covers defects arising after the consumer takes delivery. Consumers are also advised that the AppleCare Protection Plan, available for most Apple products at extra cost, gives extra product coverage that is over and above that required by EU law.

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