Rumor: iPhone 5 To Sport Unibody Design, 4 Inch Screen And A5X Processor

A flurry of rumors have emerged surrounding the next generation iPhone 5 as the world turns its eyes to the next major iOS device release. The main rumor stems from a report by Brian White, analyst at Topeka Captial Markets who is suggesting that, as a result of a trip to Asia for some friendly banter with a number of companies in the Apple supply chain, the iPhone 5 will have a 4 inch screen, versus the 3.5 inches seen in the current models (via MacRumors). He also suggests that the device will see a major redesign, with a unibody case, and that it will be 4G compatible.

The 4 inch display has been discussed at length previously, as increasing the screen size is more complicated than simply attaching a 4 inch touchscreen to the front of a redesigned device. The larger screen size would mean that developers would have to rewrite all their apps to cope with a different resolution, if the iPhone 5 were to retain the current Retina Display pixel density. Or Apple could simply keep the resolution the same but drop the pixel density from 326 pixels per inch to a lower density of around 285 pixels per inch, which may be the easier option and would still be higher than the pixel density of the third generation iPad at 264 ppi.

In addition to this rumor, 9to5Mac is also suggesting that Apple has seeded prototype models of a new iPhone to key staff inside Apple. The new device looks like an iPhone 4 or 4S but the internal hardware has been altered to include the A5X chip which is found in the third generation iPad, rather than the A5 chip found in the iPhone 4S. The prototypes are designed to specifically test the performance of the A5X chip in an iPhone rather than risk revealing the new iPhone 5 design.

The iPhone 5 is thought to be launching at some point in the Fall of this year, perhaps around October.

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  • jamesdbailey

    The simple reason they are going to have to do something like this because they need a bigger battery for the LTE version of the iPhone. There is really no other choice. To keep it over 300 dpi they need a screen size of 3.84″ or smaller. Any larger and it becomes more of a stretch to call the display “Retina”.

    There are no LTE phones with a small display because the battery requirements are too high. While Apple can perform some engineering magic, getting more battery power from the same amount of space is very unlikely

  • bdkennedy

    So how exactly are they cramming an iPhone 5 with a 4″ screen into a 4S case with a 3.5″ screen?

    • AppleBitch