Rumor: New Facebook iPad App On The Way?

Facebook could be working on a new enhanced version of their iPad app according to a small promotional advertisement on the iOS App Store. Spotted by one of their sharp eyed readers, MacRumors points towards the advertisement which appeared in the promotional blocks in the New and Noteworthy section of the App Store (pictured above). The block has the text ‘Facebook: Enhanced for the new iPad’.

Whether or not this points towards a major revamp of the app or simply one that refers to a Retina Display enabled version of the app remains to be seen. What is desperately needed, however, is a version of the app that allows users to take advantage of the full functionality of Facebook without having to endure the multiple bugs that are currently plaguing the Facebook app, which is a strange thing to be put out from the second most popular site on the internet.

The app itself has a pretty large amount of issues, relating to commenting, stability, timeline, photo uploading and, perhaps most critically, the lack of many of the features that you find on the Facebook website. Given the amount of people that could potentially be put to work on the development of this app, it still seems an effort that is half done.

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