Rumor: Apple Shifts New 13 and 15 Inch MacBook Pro Into Production

A new rumor is suggesting that the next iteration of the new MacBook Pro has reached production phase and that the 15 inch model will be produced during the month of April. The report comes via the erratically accurate Digitimes who are suggesting that while the 15 inch model starts production next month, the 13 inch model will not start production until June, despite more demand for that model.

The start of production in April correlates with the recent news that Intel would be releasing their next generation Ivy Bridge processors which will likely be found in the next generation MacBook Pro models.  That announcement is due to take place in the 4th week of April.

The new MacBook Pro models are rumored to sport a brand new design that is strongly influenced by the MacBook Air line-up although they may not be as thin by virtue of the fact that they have more powerful specifications than the MacBook Air. Some other rumors have also pointed towards Apple releasing a 15 inch version of the MacBook Air in April to bring greater choice to consumers who want something bigger than the 11 or 13 inch models that are currently offered.

We recently discussed how the new MacBook Pro models could drop the optical drive in favor of a thinner form factor and a larger battery which could help to support the HiDPI, or Retina Display modes that are supported in the next version of OS X, 10.8 Mountain Lion.


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